23 Things Learned by Age 23 // Lifestyle

FullSizeRender.jpgTime flies ! Like huh, I’m a whole twenty three years old ? It feels like it was just yesterday that I sat in my room wishing I could be “grown” already and able to drive, work and do what adults do. Little did I know that the older one gets , the more responsibilities one has. Adulthood is a scam and I want my money back, haha.

Now to the point of this post , I thought it would be interesting to reflect upon the many things I have learned throughout life this far. So without further ado, here are my 23 life lessons.  (Birthday photoshoot pictures and surprise dinner photos at the end!)

1. There is a purpose behind your pain.

2. Let people in close enough to know and love you.

3. Don’t let your past determine your future.

4. A relationship with Jesus changes everything.

5. It’s okay to grow, even if it means apart from other people.

6. Listen to understand.

7. I can’t see the bigger picture, but God can. His plans for me are good.

8. Adulting is not for the faint in heart.

9. Be grateful for the little things. “Count your blessings.”

10. Don’t change who God has called me to be to please others.

11. Love myself more ; Flaws and all.

12. I can’t please everyone.

13. Be slow to take offense, it’s not always a personal attack.

14. Life isn’t a competition.

15. Good friends are soothing to the soul.

16. Don’t allow fear to cripple me.

17. Travel more , love more , serve more.

18. Be merciful, nobody is perfect.

19. Stop beating yourself up when you fall short.

20. Live to honor and please God, not people.

21. There’s always room for growth.

22. Don’t take everything so seriously , laugh ALOT.

23. Strive to always grow . Never become complacent and stagnant in your journey.

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Grace and Peace.

Crystal O.

Photos by Gracique

Photos from surprise birthday dinner!




Cake by Cheechcakes.

IG : @Cheech_Cakes




  1. You look beautiful Crystal! Feels like a centuryago when u were claiming to be “cnn” back in 9th grade cause u had all the gist hahha. how time flies!


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