Brunch at Dish Society .

After a great Sunday service , catching up with friends & family over brunch has become somewhat of a hobby. Last Sunday, I chose to try out a restaurant that I have never been to! I do not normally try new places, because I do not have time to spend money on food I may not enjoy ; so I normally stay in my safe zones . I decided to live on the wild side and try something fairly unfamiliar to me . This experience was different because Dish Society offered a range of options to choose from and thankfully left my taste buds pleased .  I visited the Katy cinco ranch location and I instantly fell in love with the entrance because of the vibrant yellow and hint of green plants. 

While entering the restaurant, the first thing you see is the bar ; this confused me because there are no signs that tell you exactly what to do and where to order your food . After further looking around , I came across the station to order ! 

My Sister-best friend and I put in our orders here, grabbed some refreshments and then went to find a table to sit at. The best part about the drinks are that they are made of organic sugar ! Can someone say sorta kinda healthy ?

Chicken and biscuit. (Popular item )
Shrimp and grits w/bacon bits & egg

As you can see ,  both of our meals scream unhealthy, but I would prefer to call it a cheat day that is needed every once in a while . I tasted the shrimp & grits and I must say that it’s the best I had ever tasted ( haven’t tasted many types of it) . My chicken and biscuits were yummy and the bread was moist… ummm YUM. The chicken was well seasoned and the gravy was poppin. I was not the biggest fan of the beignets, but they were still relatively tasty ! My belly and my taste buds thanked me that day! So if you are ever in the area , don’t miss out on your blessing and stop by Dish Society to grab something delicious to eat ! They have healthier options and they also serve lunch and dinner too. I hope this post was helpful ! If you happen to visit or have visited , share your experience with me , I’d love to hear about it.

Cost: Not too pricey.

Environment : Clean and Social.

Service : Very polite and quick service.

Click here For the Brunch menu .

Click here For the lunch menu.
Click here For the Dinner menu.
P.s you can also order online and have it ubered to you! Check out the website for more. Click here for the Dish Society website.

Grace and peace .

– Crystal Oji


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