Current Fashion Favorites/ Giveaway & Free Coupons.

Jump suits have always been a favorite piece of mine to purchase and throw on for any day, but as of lately I have fallen in love with boots and accessories such as watches glasses and backpacks. Accessories add accents to your outfit and if you are like me, you enjoy standing out and making a statement when you dress.

Photographer: Aisosa Oyiboke

1. Jord Wood Watches (Giveaway link)


I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Jord Wood Watches and I must say that I love the quality of their watch. It is lightweight, blends with any outfit , trendy and cute! The website offers watches for men and women,so pick one up for yourself or make it a gift for a friend or significant other! I couldn’t possibly enjoy this watch without sharing the amazing opportunity for you to get one. Click the link and register to win the GIVEAWAY of a FREE $100 code. ONE lucky winner will be selected and all other entrants will receive a FREE code of $25. The code will expire on 2/28/2017. CLICK HERE for my watch. CLICK HERE to enter giveaway!

: 2. Firmoo Glasses (Free glasses coupon)

img_7999 I love these glasses because they make all of my outfits pop. I love them even more because they are my prescription. The company uses your prescription to make the process 10x easier, there is even a “try on” option to see how the glasses look before purchase. So you mean I get to see clearly and look cute?? I’ll take it. I am really quirky and in love with unique looks and accessories. These glasses definitely bring out my personality without me having to say a word!  To get a FREE pair of glasses, CLICK HERE. The FREE pair includes a Free frame and Free standard lenses. The shipping and handling fee is excluded.

3.Glitter Black Boots


Last Fall I fell in love with boots and that love has turned into a year round obsession with boots. These in particular are my current favorites because they have GLITTER on them like yummm. I can almost taste how yummy it is , lol. I got these beauties on sale for $20 at Charlotte Russe, I am all about a great deal and finding good bargains !

4. Burnt Orange Jumpsuit



Jumpsuits will always be in season for me. Whether large or fitted, I am normally attracted to the design and I love mixing it up with different pieces of clothing. I missed the season of Fall to throw this outfit together, but who cares. Dress how you feel and I am still in the Fall mood. I got this beautiful jumpsuit from Zara, it was on sale and I had to quickly purchase it because Zara rarely has a sale. This jumpsuit was super comfortable and I can’t wait to style it with other pieces of clothing. The long-sleeved top was also purchased at Zara. They are currently having a SALE now, CLICK Here to check out what they have. 🙂

5. BackPack Purse


If I could wear this bag everyday, I would. It goes with pretty much all of my daily outfits. This slick leather bag with faux leather tassels makes me want more types of this bag. I love how stylish the bag looks because it creates a very versatile look when worn. This bag actually makes my life easier, throw things in the bag and adjust the strap. I don’t have to worry about anything falling out or losing something. I purchased this bag when it was on sale for about $15 and I do not regret my decision. I got this cute bag at forever 21 and I am thankful for the gems that are hidden throughout the store.

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