Crystal & Chin in L.A // Travel Tips, Must visit places & My experience in L.A

Los Angeles was filled with great food, polite drivers, creepy men, overpriced items, aesthetically pleasing walls and air drenched with fumes of cannabis.

Travel Tips:


  • Pack in outfits and rolls : Plan your outfits per day and pack accordingly . It will save you a lot of time, money and will help you avoid the loathed feeling of having to pay for excess luggage. Rolling your clothes up in little bundles has shown itself to effectively create even more room to pack the 3 million pieces of clothes you are thinking of taking. Click the link to see it physically done. Click here to watch a brief video on what packing in rolls looks like.

  • Arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight. It may sound extreme, but the airport is a time consuming place. You never know what to expect when flying, sometimes the whole world decides to travel on the same exact day and that leaves you at a disadvantage.  Wake up early , get yourself checked in and snore on the plane! I am sure your neighbor will understand. Y’all can have a snore party.


  • Make a vacation itinerary & Study the city beforehand : Having an actual list of everything you want to do and places you want to visit upon arrival is key for making the most out of your trip. I studied L.A months before the trip, Chin and I looked up and noted the best restaurants, free places, must see locations and potential places we would like to visit. We took note of the costs and scripted out a realistic budget.



Cash app (Square cash)  is your friend : When traveling with a friend or friends, the demand to split a payment will arise. Be ready with cash app/square cash, it helps you send money from any bank to another. Don’t be that friend that owes the other $300.00 , just don’t.

Places to visit in L.A

Food places:

Museums and other locations.

  • LACMA Museum
  • The Broad Museum
  • Paul Smith Pink Wall
  • Baldwin Hills scenic overlook
  • Santa Monica pierre
  • Salvation Mountain

If you found this blog post helpful and informative in anyway, let me know! I would love feedback, thank you.

Crystal Oji


LACMA lights
Breathe – LACMA museum lights
Baldwin Hills scenic view
Makeup of the day
Outfit of the day
Makeup of the day
The Broad Museum
The Broad
Paul Smith Wall


Art meets art. The Broad museum
Welcome to my house partayy ft The Broad museum
The broad
The Broad
Murica ft The Broad
Roscoes House of Chicken and waffles




Flavor Table
Real sisters.
Bubba gump seafood
The end.

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